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Well loved by locals as ‘Mogo Zoo’, Mogo wildlife park in the Eurobodalla shire is much more than your traditional zoo

Since its acquisition by Australian Wildlife Parks, Mogo Wildlife Park has solidified its position as a place of importance for the Eurobodalla community and a cherished destination for visitors nationwide and globally. Under the new management, the park has deepened its commitment to wildlife conservation, education, and creating an immersive wildlife experience for its guests, each and every day.

Our extraordinary collection currently includes gorillas, rhinoceros, silvery gibbons, Bolivian squirrel monkeys, giraffe, zebra, meerkats, cheetah, cotton-top tamarins, Sumatran tigers, Nepalese red pandas, ring-tailed lemurs, oriental small-clawed otters, siamangs and white lions. We have a wide range of memorable up close and personal encounters available.

Mogo Wildlife Park's resilience shone through its remarkable survival during the devastating Black Summer bushfires. In the face of raging flames that threatened the park's existence, the dedicated staff, led by Zookeeper Chad, displayed unwavering courage. Their swift and strategic actions, including the evacuation of animals and fortification of enclosures, played a crucial role in the park's survival. The community rallied together to support Mogo Wildlife Park, showcasing the strength and solidarity of the Eurobodalla residents. The park's ability to overcome the destructive forces of nature serves as an inspiring story of perseverance and determination, reinforcing its role as a beacon of hope for wildlife conservation.

Zookeeper Chad

The Parks’ Managing Director, Zookeeper Chad has played a pivotal role in fostering a deep connection between the Mogo animal family and visitors, instilling a passion for conservation and wildlife protection. Mogo Wildlife Park stands as a testament to the intertwining of education, and environmental stewardship.

With a massive one-million-strong following on social media, Chad uses his online presence to highlight the park's genuine commitment to the welfare and conservation of Australian animals.

Chad's impact goes beyond the park's physical boundaries as he effectively communicates the importance of wildlife preservation. He encourages his followers to support initiatives contributing to the well-being of Australian species. Serving as an ambassador, Chad not only boosts the park's visibility but also emphasizes the interconnectedness of global communities in safeguarding biodiversity.

HOW CAN YOU HELP preserve Enangered wildlife?

  1. Visit our wildlife parks and learn
  2. Do an encounter & better understand our animals
  3. Book an Education Adventure for your school
  4. Recycle
  5. Share your knowledge on social media
  7. Tafe/uni students - volunteer with us

If you’d like to help us keep up the good work by chipping in some hard-earned dollars or arranging a bequest to carry on your legacy, please make a donation.

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9AM – 4PM Daily, 8am - 1Pm Christmas day
222 Tomakin Road, mogo, NSW 2536 (near batemans bay) Australia

MOGO Wildlife Park acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of the land on which our offices and operations are located, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.

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